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Alpha Micro Case Study

Alpha Micro enhances global IoT Connectivity with Velos IoT.

Alpha Micro Cover

Alpha Micro, a prominent distributor of electronic components and wireless solutions in the UK and Ireland, partnered with Velos IoT to enhance their global IoT connectivity. Facing the challenge of needing a global SIM solution with a straightforward pricing structure, Alpha Micro chose Velos IoT for its extensive coverage, carrier-neutral platform, and API functionality for efficient SIM estate management. Velos IoT's Nomad Connectivity Management Platform provides automated IoT connectivity management, enabling real-time provisioning, monitoring, billing, and analytics for IoT devices worldwide. This collaboration streamlined Alpha Micro's IoT device connectivity management, improving operational efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging Velos IoT's solutions, Alpha Micro successfully overcame connectivity challenges and positioned itself for growth in the competitive IoT market.

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