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Asset Tracking Case Study: Compass Asset Protection

Velos IoT is a game-changing one-stop connectivity provider for this veteran IoT asset tracking solution company.

Compass Asset Protection has over 20 years of experience in the asset tracking business. But until recently, Compass was forced to juggle multiple plans and networks in order to provide IoT-enabled asset management solutions.

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Partnering with Velos IoT empowered Compass Asset Protection Ltd to consolidate its SIM technology for smoother operations and better performance:

  • Velos IoT’s account manager serves as a single point of contact, replacing pushy, disinterested contacts from individual carriers

  • Robust connectivity is achieved through Velos IoT’s automatic non-steered network switching among 600+ global networks

  • Velos IoT’s Nomad IoT platform serves as a one-stop shop where Compass can manage devices, review analytics and receive insights for their entire SIM base. 

Complete the form and download the case study for a closer look at how asset tracking solution providers like Compass use Velos IoT to improve efficiency and create the smart fleets of the future.