Download JT IoT Connect Brazil Datasheet

One of the biggest challenges for IoT solution providers is the ability to roam in Brazil for longer than 90 days. JT IoT's Connect Brazil solves this by giving you permanent roaming in Brazil across a broad selection of local networks.

To roam in Brazil without restrictions, you must use a local IMSI, which makes deployments in this market difficult and expensive. When devices are not produced in Brazil but are expected to be deployed in the country, manufacturers and IoT providers need a solution for permanent device connectivity in the market while still being able to test in the country of production. To avoid swapping IoT SIMs within the smart devices, having an eSIM that can hold a local profile and a global one is a sure way to future-proof the products. 

We can offer you a local Brazilian network profile for eSIM integration. By using our Connect solution, you get:

  • Permanent compliant roaming in Brazil
  • Centralised invoicing for global IoT solutions
  • Consistent global connectivity management

Join us in envisioning and empowering the future. Fill in the form to download the JT IoT Connect Brazil datasheet. 

Download the Datasheet