Meterix Smart Metering Case Study

Meterix demanded around-the-clock connectivity and immediate failure response for its smart meters and prepaid electricity plans. Only JT IoT could deliver the requisite core technology.

Meterix Case Study LP Thumbnail

Meterix’s prepayment smart metering is a real-time business. A lapse in connectivity or response times means that customers could go without electricity, even if they’ve already paid for it.

It was crucial to find a SIM solution with robust connectivity and streamlined operations:

  • Custom APIs through JT’s NOMAD operating system allow Meterix to integrate and automate key business processes
  • JT’s SIM refresh and mapping features save time during service calls
  • Auto-generated watchdog reports enable a proactive approach to account support, improving customer satisfaction in the process

To see why JT IoT’s technology suite makes the perfect long-term partner for the demands of Meterix’s pre-paid smart meter product, complete the form and download the case study.