Watch on demand webinar recording: Mastering IoT Connectivity with JT IoT: Introduction to connectivity

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We miss meeting people in person, so we decided to create a platform for open discussion around IoT, connectivity, JT IoT and the future of connectivity tech. Each month JT IoT's Head of IoT Sales Graham Hart-Ives is joined by a different guest to discuss what can help you move forward with your digitalisation projects. Learn what the hot topics in IoT and where the industry is heading; how can you leverage technology to boost productivity and revenue, and much more.

Each month we select a different topic in a series that can help you navigate the fast-changing IoT landscape. Join our interactive discussions in the chat and ask the experts anything you would like to know in live Q&A sessions.

For our first webinar, Graham is joined by our Senior IoT Account Manager Ernest Santos to discuss Connectivity from A to Z and how we at JT approach it.

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