Sunworks Case Study: how connectivity is critical to an effective solar power system

Connecting solar power systems for remote monitoring and maintenance.

Sunworks International is a premier provider of high-quality solar power systems, managing the design, installation and commissioning of solar photovoltaic equipment to residential and business clients throughout the world.

Maintaining and monitoring solar power systems were manual processes, which were inefficient and resource-intensive, particularly in remote or high-security locations. Sunworks needed a technological solution that would allow them to streamline, improve and automate processes, and provide valuable real-time data to the company and their clients.

Incorporating JT IoT SIMs in solar inverters allowed the company to remotely monitor and maintain solar power systems, reducing costs while streamlining and improving processes. The JT Nomad IoT dashboard provided a platform to manage the entire SIM estate and monitor energy generation and consumption in real time. Moreover, the JT IoT connected systems provide clients access to their own real-time usage data, for informed decision-making to improve efficiency and control their own costs.

JT IoT Solution Overview

As modern industries transition to the IoT, operators, particularly within the B2B2C sector, are facing with new business models. Industrial customers not only need connectivity but also a complete management platform with relevant supply chain functionality, automated provisioning, deep insight and advanced billing capabilities.

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